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n. (given name male from=Hebrew)


Yair is a Hebrew name. Pronounced ya-EAR, it is a Hebrew verb meaning "he will light" or "he will enlighten". It appears both in ancient Jewish sources and as a familiar name in contemporary Israel.

In Scriptural and archaic form, it may appear as Jair or Ya'ir.

Usage examples of "yair".

His eyes moved over the room, searching, Finally, he found the short, baldheaded, newly elected prime minister, Yair Ben David.

Avi Tamir waited impatiently for his turn to see the prime minister, Yair Ben David.

But, except for scarcity of fish, the scene is very little altered, and one is a boy again, in heart, beneath the elms of Yair, or by the Gullets at Ashiesteil.

Demoleon, and the Nubian mercenary, Yair, whom Alexander had paid to protect her.

He snatched up a three-legged stool, wielding it like a bat, while Yair advanced on her.

As he sprinted across the wide kitchen, he saw the Nubian, Yair, draw his scimitar and launch himself into the fray.

His own skill with weaponry was better, but here in this cramped space with only seconds to dispose of Yair before help arrived, he knew the fight could go either way.

There were a Matthew, a Hosea, two Ezekiels, Micah, Zechariah, three Johns, one Eleazar ben Yair, and even a Lazarus.

She climbed, with two of her maids, to the top of the hill above Yair, on the other side of the river, and she watched the roads down Ettrick and Yarrow.

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