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Yae (Cyrillic)

Yae or (Ԙ ԙ; italics: Ԙ ԙ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script, a ligature of Я (Ya) and Е (E); я and е.

Yae was used in the old alphabet of the Mordvinic languages, where it represented the sounds , like the pronunciation of in "yak". This Cyrillic alphabet was not used in Russia, Montenegro, and Serbia.


YAE, Yae or yae may refer to:

  • The Young Academy of Europe, a pan-European academy of young scientists
  • Yae (Cyrillic), a Cyrillic letter
  • Yae (八重 or やえ), the Japanese word for "doubled" or "multi-layered," often in reference to flowers
  • Fujimoto Yae, a Japanese singer
  • Yae (Goemon), a video game character from Goemon
  • Yaruro language, spoken in Venezuela (ISO 639 code yae)
  • Yae', a hallucinogenic drink in South America
Yae (hangul)

is one of the Korean hangul. The Unicode for ㅒ is U+3150.