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Yaba can refer to

  • Yaba or Ya ba, tablets of methamphetamine and caffeine popular in Thailand
  • Yaba, Lagos, a suburb of Lagos
  • Yaba, Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso
  • Yaba, Indonesia is a town in North Maluku, Indonesia.
  • Yaba monkey tumor virus

YABA stands for

  • the Young American Bowling Alliance, one of the organisations which merged to form the United States Bowling Congress in 2005
  • Albany Airport (Australia) in Albany, Western Australia
  • Yet Another Bloody Acronym, see Acronym and initialism#Current use

Usage examples of "yaba".

Starting at a point on the edge of, and almost overlooking the Jordan Valley, it runs approximately due east and west, with many turns and even hairpin bends, until it debouches on the Plain at Mejdel Yaba, thence forming a main tributary of the River Auja.

Plain, the 3rd where Plain and hills meet about Mejdel Yaba, the 54th and the French at Rafat.

Hoemei for the next yaba, but a bright young Kaiel woman took him instead, so she asked Joesai to dance, but he only laughed at the idea of them whirling together, and picked her up by the waist and set her on a ledge where she was tall enough to talk to him.

She found a young Kaiel who did a superb yaba, and then joined him later in the Red Canyon Reel.