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n. The letter (l ar ي) in the Arabic script.


YAA or yaa may refer to:

  • Young at Art Museum
  • Young Artist Award
  • Youth Against AIDS
  • Anahim Lake Airport, Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Yaa Asantewaa (–1921), Ashanti queen mother and Ghanaian rebel leader
  • Yodh, the tenth semitic letter. Named Yāʾ, Yaa or Ya'a in Arabic.
  • Yaa dialect, a dialect of West Teke, a Bantu language spoken in the Republic of Congo and Gabon
  • Yaminawa language (ISO 639-3: yaa), a Panoan language in Western Amazonia
  • Yuya, Egyptian courtier during the eighteenth dynasty

Usage examples of "yaa".

Bates was married to a Navajo who happened to be “born to” the Kin yaa aanü — the Towering House People — which was linked in some way Chee had never understood to his grandfather’s To‘ aheedlinü’ — the Waters Flow Together Clan.

Ah yaas, as Whitey himself would say — a member of the brotherhood of sleight-of-hand.