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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Xylidine \Xy"li*dine\, n. (Chem.) Any one of six metameric hydrocarbons, (CH3)2.C6H3.NH2, resembling aniline, and related to xylene. They are liquids, or easily fusible crystalline substances, of which three are derived from metaxylene, two from orthoxylene, and one from paraxylene. They are called the amido xylenes.

Note: The xylidine of commerce, used in making certain dyes, consists chiefly of the derivatives of paraxylene and metaxylene.


n. (context organic compound English) Any of six isomeric aromatic amines (CH3)2C6H3NH2 derived from the xylenes


Xylidine can refer to any of the six isomers of xylene amine, or any mixture of them. All isomers are toxic.

The chemical formula of xylidines is CHN, or (CH)CHNH. They are stable and combustible and react with strong oxidizing agents. They may be light sensitive. The CAS number for the isomer mixture is . They are typically yellow liquids (except 3,4-xylidine which is solid) that darken when exposed to air and light. They are miscible with ethanol and diethyl ether and slightly soluble in water.

Xylidines are produced as byproducts of fractional distillation of coal tar.

Their risk and safety phrases are .

Xylidines are chiefly used in production of pigments and dyestuffs, and also various antioxidants, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many other organic chemicals.

Xylidines are also used as a component of the Tonka rocket fuel.