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XWT (disambiguation)

XWT may refer to:

  • Xwt, a cross-platform GUI toolkit for creating desktop applications with .NET and Mono.
  • Extensible Web Toolkit, a development toolkit for building high performance ASP.NET Web applications.
  • XML Windowing Toolkit
  • XML Window Toolkit
  • XWT, open source software related to Vexi

Xwt is a .NET cross-platform user interface toolkit. It enables building GUI-based desktop applications that run on multiple platforms without having to customizing code for different platforms. Xwt API is mapped to a set of native controls on each supported platform. Features that are not available on specific platforms are emulated by using native widgets, which is referred to as hosting in the Xwt context. Xwt was partially used as GUI toolkit (beside GTK#) in the development of the Xamarin Studio.

Xwt creates an engine at runtime that will map API calls to the underlying platform. The following engines are currently supported:

  • Windows: WPF engine and Gtk engine (using Gtk#)
  • MacOS X: Cocoa engine (using MonoMac) and Gtk engine (using Gtk#)
  • Linux: Gtk engine (using Gtk#)