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Xmmer is His Name Is Alive's follow-up to 2006's Detrola, released in the USA on September 18, 2007. Stylistically, it is very similar to its predecessor, featuring a wide variety of the many styles the band had explored in the past. In Warn Dever's notes on the album (available on the band's website), it becomes apparent that he meant the album as a follow-up or companion piece to Detrola; "Go To Hell Mountain" is even described as a sequel to the previous album's "I Thought I Saw You Moving." One major difference is that singer Andy FM, who shared vocal duties with HNIA veterans Erika Hoffman and Lovetta Pippen on Detrola, sings every track here.

An instrumental version of the album was made available as a paid MP3 download from the Silver Mountain Media website on October 2, 2007.