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XM (file format)

XM, standing for "extended module", is an audio file type introduced by Triton's FastTracker 2. XM introduced multisampling-capable instruments with volume and panning envelopes, and basic pattern compression. It also expanded the available effect commands and channels, added 16-bit sample support, and offered an alternative frequency table for portamentos.

XM is a common format for many chiptunes.

XM (disambiguation)

XM most commonly refers to XM Satellite Radio

Xm or XM may also refer to:

  •, a European international online foreign exchange broker
  • Citroën XM, a discontinued executive car made by Citroën
  • XM (file format), a computer file format for music
  • XM (album), a live-in-studio album recorded by Porcupine Tree
  • J-Air (an IATA airline code)
  • C.A.I. First (IATA airline code)
  • a nonstandard Roman numeral for 990 (standard is CMXC)
  • (6903) 1989 XM, a main belt minor planet
  • XM (financial service), a financial broker
XM (album)

XM (also Transmission 1.1 and Transmission 1.2) is a live-in-studio album recorded by British band Porcupine Tree in early 2003 as a live album of mostly In Absentia tracks. This was taken from a session at XM Satellite Radio in Washington DC on 12 November 2002, and was originally released as a limited edition tour album. It was later released online on the Porcupine Tree store.