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fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.


n. 1 The name for the 14th letter of Classical Greek and Modern Greek. The 15th in Ancient Greek and Old Greek. 2 (context particle English) Either of a pair of hyperons having spin 1/2, which decay into a lambda particle and a pion.


adj. being one more than ten [syn: eleven, 11]

Xi (letter)

Xi (uppercase Ξ, lowercase ξ; ) is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is pronounced in Modern Greek, and generally or in English. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 60. Xi was derived from the Phoenician letter samekh .

Xi is not to be confused with the letter chi, which gave its form to the Latin letter X.


Xi may refer to:

  • Xi (letter), a Greek letter
  • 11 (number), (xi or XI) the number 11 in Roman numerals
  1. redirect 11 (number)
Xi (alternate reality game)

Xi ( or ) was the world's first console-based and virtual world-based alternate reality game. It was a one-time-only play, unfolding in real time, and only available on the PlayStation 3 through the social gaming network, PlayStation Home. The game was an adventure to help find "Jess" and the meaning of Xi by collecting fragments and butterflies found in a series of secret areas in Home that changed frequently. The game also challenged the users to search for clues in the real world. The game was created by nDreams who released several spaces for Xi. The game was promoted through a teaser campaign of clues and hints during the month prior to its release on March 23, 2009. The clues were hidden in the Menu Pad and videos in the central meeting point.

The game lasted a total of 12 weeks from its release. Xi and all of the corresponding spaces were exclusive to the European and North American versions of PlayStation Home, though there were also websites, videos, printed media and live events which were accessible to anyone. In September 2009, it was reported that the number of visits to the Xi spaces, including the ones after Xi's completion, had exceeded 5 million visits. A sequel, Xi: Continuum, was released in December 2012.

Xi (surname)

Xi is the Pinyin romanization of several different Chinese family names, including:

  • 奚 (Xī) :zh:奚姓
  • 席 (Xí) :zh:席姓
  • 習,习 (Xí) zh:習,习姓
  • 隰 (Xí) :zh:隰姓
  • 郤 (Xì) :zh:郤姓
  • 郗 (Xī) :zh:郗姓

Xi is spelled "Hsi" in Wade-Giles. The approximate pronunciation in English is "Shee". The name may refer to:

Xi (state)

Xi was a Chinese vassal state during the Shang and Zhou dynasties and the Spring and Autumn period (1600 – 475 BCE) ruled by members of the Jī family . Sometime between 680 and 684 BCE Xi was annexed by the State of Chu and ceased to exist as an independent state.

XI (Metal Church album)

XI is the eleventh studio album by the American heavy metal band Metal Church. It was released on March 25, 2016, and is the band's first album in 23 years (since Hanging in the Balance) to feature vocalist Mike Howe. XI was considered a comeback for both Metal Church and Howe since the latter's retirement from the music industry in 1994; the album received generally positive reviews, and was their first studio album since 1989's Blessing in Disguise to enter the Billboard 200 chart, where it peaked at number 57, the band's highest chart position in their career.

Usage examples of "xi".

Louis XI, crois-tu que ce soit pour de pareils oiseaux que nous faisons faire des cages de trois cent soixante-sept livres huit sols trois deniers?

The air filled with cheering, like Jesus had scored the winner in the last minute of the Moral Cup Final against the Godless Gay Abortionist Prostitute Pornographers XI.

And I was tapped for a co-op job at WuXi Engineering Technologies, where I would be working with systems, because Engineer Xi, who reviews applicants for co-op positions, read one of my projects.

Cet homme accompagnait toujours Tristan, qui accompagnait toujours Louis XI.

Roberto Cardinal Bellarmino is canonized as Saint Robert Bellarmine by Pope Pius XI.

Mark xi: Hoc quoque fieri potuisset, ut mons ablatus de terra mitteretur in mare, si necessitas id fieri poscisset.

And Kang Xi, who, for all the Imperial gravity of his everyday demeanour, was still at heart a boy, gleefully took up the suggestion, hitched up his gown, and began untrussing his trousers.

Palace of Seclusion and run in terror of death through the dark streets of Great Xis, every moment of this day would still be alive inside her a day that had begun like many others, with her friend Duny poking her out of bed in the darkness before sunrise.

XI, X, and IX-inch 100-pounder rifle, and 64-pounder pivot guns, a Powderman, and to all other guns a Powder-boy is to be added.

To judge from Jukes and Xi, Fletcher was willing to tolerate a certain amount of slackness among his personal following.

LORD SALISBURY, Guildhall, 1892 CONTENTS Preface Chapter I: The Theatre of War Chapter II: The Malakand Camps Chapter III: The Outbreak Chapter IV: The Attack on the Malakand Chapter V: The Relief of Chakdara Chapter VI: The Defence of Chakdara Chapter VII: The Gate of Swat Chapter VIII: The Advance Against the Mohmands Chapter IX: Reconnaissance Chapter X: The March to Nawagai Chapter XI: The Action of the Mamund Valley, 16th September Chapter XII: At Inayat Kila Chapter XIII: Nawagai Chapter XIV: Back to the Mamund Valley Chapter XV: The Work of the Cavalry Chapter XVI: Submission Chapter XVII: Military Observations Chapter XVIII: The Riddle of the Frontier Appendix THIS BOOK IS INSCRIBED TO MAJOR-GENERAL SIR BINDON BLOOD, K.

The might of the Autarch, the god-king of Xis on the southern continent, is growing.

He understands that we all have a common enemy, and thus should be seeking ways to draw our two countries together as twin bulwarks against the threat of the greedy lord of Xis, rather than squabbling over reparations.

Twelve to fifteen steps at most, depending on how quickly the leading girl was marching, but it was the only chance Qinnitan had to see below her the magnificent city of Great Xis, a city in which she had once, if not exactly run free, at least lived at street level, among people that spoke in normal tones of voice In the Hive scarcely anyone ever spoke above a whisperalthough sometimes the whispers could be as intrusive as shouts.

Great Xis itself, and Qinnitan one of so many hundreds of Hive Sister acolytes that it was doubtful even the priestess in charge of her living quarters knew more than a few of their names.