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Xera (band)

Xera is an Asturian( Spain) band from San Andrés, in the municipality of Oviedo. Born as the consequence of the combination of high sound engineering with symphonic musical concepts based in Asturian traditional music. The basis of their sound is rooted in contrast all the time.

This way, they achieve an ample spectrum of styles inside the concept of electronica (escaping from the usual minimalism in it) reflected in each sound.


Xera may refer to:

  • Xera (band), a Spanish band
  • Xera (comics), a DC Comics character
  • a character played by Bianca King in the Filipino telefantasya Atlantika
  • a character in The Belgariad and The Malloreon
  • the Valencian name for the municipality of Chera in the province of Valencia, Spain
  • an ancient city on the Turkish island of Kekova
  • an ancient Phoenician city, now Jerez de la Frontera in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia, Spain
  • Xera (genus), a walking stick genus
  • Geolycosa xera, McCrone, 1963, a spider species in the genus Geolycosa and the family Lycosidae found in the USA
  • Hydroptila xera, a microcaddisflies species in the genus Hydroptila
  • Ischnothele xera, a spider species in the genus Ischnothele and the family Dipluridae

XERA can refer to:

  • XERA-AM, a "border-blaster" radio station broadcasting from Villa Acuña, Mexico
Xera (walking stick)

Xera is a stick insect genus in the family Pseudophasmatidae.