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XER can stand for:

  • XER-AM, a radio station in the 1930s in Villa Acuña, Mexico
  • XML Encoding Rules, a set of ASN.1 encoding rules for formatting data in XML
  • The ICAO Code for Xerox Corporation, United States

Usage examples of "xer".

Now the Xer were gone, and the great Femmat Houses of Vardon were richer and more powerful than ever.

Baird had been a half-grown kid fresh out of House Arvid Creche, pressed into duty only because the invading Xer would have shot him oh sight simply for being a Warlord.

There had been six warriors in their guerilla unit to start out with, but two of them fell to the Xer early on.

The six Xer wore civilian clothing: long tunics split for leg room, and one-piece pant-boot combinations, all in dark colors.

Baird threw him off and rolled upright as the remaining Xer closed in.

Alina looked away as another of the Xer stepped forward and snapped some kind of collar on him.

Tell them the Xer have kidnapped a Vardonese agent and plan to kill him.

The Xer was seated comfortably behind a faux wood control desk, while Baird sprawled in a blue, thickly upholstered armchair in front of it.

Of course, the Xer could restart it again with a regenator, but Alina figured dropping him would still cause some very satisfactory chaos.

Her attention was focused across the elegant table, where Rajin flirted with the Xer major.

A big male body charged in behind the Xer, beads flashing in his braids.

Tevan growled, as his armored backup leveled their weapons at the Xer agents.

Baird Arvid would have thought to reprogram the same torture collar the Xer had used on him to save Galar.

He should be on Xer with Freika, stalking General Jutka and waiting for his chance to put his ghosts to rest.

Gen Xer, part of a generation known for our apathy, sarcasm, and devotion to the pop culture of the eighties.