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adj. being ten more than eighty [syn: ninety, 90]


XC may refer to:

  • Christogram
  • 90 (number) in Roman numerals
  • Cross-country running
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Cross-country cycling
  • Cross-country equestrianism
  • Cross-country paragliding
  • The exact cover problem of theoretical computer science
  • XC, a model of the Ford Falcon
  • Capacitive reactance or X, a property of a capacitor
  • Xavier College (Melbourne), a school in Australia
  • XC Trains Ltd., the company name of the brand CrossCountry
  • Xylene cyanol, a color marker used in gel electrophoresis
  • Extensible Catalog, the University of Rochester's Project for FRBR model for library metadata
  • XC Programming Language, a concurrent programming language developed by XMOS
  • IATA Code for Corendon Airlines
  • former IATA Code for KD Air, a charter airline in Canada
  • Wills Wing XC, an American hang glider design
  • xeno-canto, a website for shared CC licensed birdsounds.
  • Another annotation of "cc" ( carbon copy), meaning " Xerox copy," used in correspondence
XC (programming language)

In computers, XC is a programming language for real-time embedded parallel processors, targeted at the XMOS XCore processor architecture.

XC is an imperative language, based on the features for parallelism and communication in occam, and the syntax and sequential features of C. It provides primitive features that correspond to the various architectural resources provided, namely: channel ends, locks, ports and timers.

In combination with XCore processors, XC is used to build embedded systems with levels of I/O, real-time performance and computational ability usually attributed to field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) devices.