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n. A carved pole erected as a memorial to the dead by some Indians of Western North America


XAT may refer to:

  • XLRI Admission Test, an admission test conducted by XLRI in India
  • AT&T Aviation Division, United States (ICAO Code)
  • Xat, Xat social network. Online chatroom website.

Usage examples of "xat".

A Martian day is divided into ten zodes, there being four tals to a xat, or two hundred to a zode.

Their clock has three different colored and different length hands, one indicating the zode, the second one the xat, and the longest one the tal.

For fifty tals I let three units of light shine full in the pinhole, then one unit for one xat, and for twenty-five tals nine units.

He walked to the map and made an Xat the intersection where the car had been seen.

Barsoomian equivalent, 25 xats past the 3rd zode, which is 12 noon Earth time.

So much depended upon the success of my experiment that I almost feared to put it to the test, but it must be tested and there could be only a few xats remaining before the warriors of Haj Osis would burst into the antechamber.

In a cylindrical bracelet of gold about my wrist was my Barsoomian chronometer--a delicate instrument that records the tals and xats and zodes of Martian time, presenting them to view beneath a strong crystal much after the manner of an earthly odometer.