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Xar (graphics)

The Xar File format is the fully specified vector graphics file format of Xara and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.


Xar may refer to:

  • Xar (graphics), a file format used with vector graphics
  • Xar (archiver), a file archiver and its associated file format
  • Michael Portnoy, who uses the stage name XAR
  • The ICAO Code for Travel Express Aviation Services, Indonesia
Xar (archiver)

Xar (short for eXtensible ARchive format) is an open source file archiver and the archiver’s file format. It was created within the OpenDarwin project and is used in Mac OS X 10.5 for software installation routines, as well as browser extensions in Safari 5.0. Xar replaced the use of gzipped pax files.

One development branch of RPM, RPM5, uses xar.