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The xana is a character found in Asturian mythology. Always female, she is a creature of extraordinary beauty believed to live in fountains, rivers, waterfalls or forested regions with pure water. She is usually described as small or slender with long blonde or light brown hair (most often curly), which she tends to with gold or silver combs woven from sun or moonbeams. The origin of the Asturian word xana is unclear, though some scholars see it as a derivation from the Latin name for the goddess Diana. References to where the mythological xanas lived are still common in Asturian toponyms. They also appear in Eastern Galician and Cantabrian mythology (Anjanas).

Xana (disambiguation)

Xana or XANA may refer to:

  • Xana, a Asturian mythical entity
  • Xana (brachiopod), a brachiopod genus
  • XANA (Code Lyoko), XANA or X.A.N.A., a digital entity antagonist in the television series Code Lyoko
  • XANA Post-Production, a subdivision of the MoonScoop Group
  • X pour XANA, a short film featuring Eva Ionesco1
  • Khana Qubadi (Xana Qubadî in Kurdish)