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Etymology 1 n. (given name male diminutive=Alexander). Etymology 2

n. (label en slang) A Xanax tablet.


Xan may refer to:

  • A diminutive name derived from Alexander, Alexandra or Alexandria
  • Xan (Baldur's Gate) is a non-player character from the Baldur's Gate series of computer game
  • The final boss from computer game Unreal Tournament and sequels
  • A book by Patrick Tilley on alien invasion
  • A monster from the NetHack computer game, based on the mythical Mayan insect
  • A mythical or fantastic insect in the book Popul Vuh
  • Slang for the drug Xanax
  • An alternate spelling of Khan (title)
  • A character from the novel The Children of Men by P.D. James
  • An electronic dance music producer from Vancouver Canada featured on CBC Radio 3 aka Amadou Isaacs aka Teyshan
  • A legendary and ancient race in the popular MMORPG Anarchy Online
Xan (vodka)

Xan (transliterated from Azerbaijani as khan) is the brand of vodka produced by the Azerbaijani company Vinagro LLC.

Vodka «Xan Premium» is made by blending rectified spirit "Lux" using of natural glacier water from high altitude lake Göygöl in central Azerbaijan. For best flavor and taste, a small amount of sugar and sodium carbonate and "Alcolux" food additive with carbohydrate module are added to vodka. Vodka Xan passes a triple filtration.

Flavor is mild, pure, balanced. Aroma is characteristically fits to vodka. ABV is 40% and comes in volumes of 0.5 L, 0.75L, 1.0L.

Vodka "Xan Premium" was awarded silver medal among 600 participating brands at International Strong Drinks Contest of 2008, held in Brussels, the first medal in the history of vodka manufacturing in Azerbaijan.