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n. (obsolete form of witch English)

Usage examples of "wytch".

But she agreed that Miss Wytch should proceed as they had discussed, and with that, she left Fanny to the details, and descended to her waiting carriage.

He had set his foot on the path the moment he had turned toward Wytch Heath.

There was silence, of a quality she had never known, not the empty silence of Wytch Heath but one filled with a burning, potent energy that came from the two of them.

It had been too late from the moment her dark lover had crossed Wytch Heath.

Lady of Wytch Heath in the stables with a six-month-old colt on the ground next to her.

My ancestors were the Dumnonii, and not the ones who lived in the wooded valleys of Devon in the way you lived at Wytch Heath.

I took you to Wytch Heath and if my pursuers were mysteriously lost on the journey, I feel nothing but grateful.

At Wytch Heath, I could not have dealt with wounds as serious as yours.

The ground at her feet bloomed with the thick purple heather that belonged to Wytch Heath, fading now with autumn.

Wareham was gone under springing heather, like the purple mantle that clothed Wytch Heath, and the bracken spreading before the trees.

Embedded in the wet fur were heads of the small purple heather that grew on Wytch Heath, and small twigs, hollow like reeds.

I would rather be here in this chamber at Wareham with you than untouched at Wytch Heath before the Viking storm came.

It was the way her wolves at Wytch Heath howled when one of their number was dead.

The pain hit her across the distance of six paces, the same pain she had sensed and taken inside herself at Wytch Heath.

She thought of the moment at Wytch Heath when he had tried to repudiate her before the king and Macsen had stopped him.