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n. (plural of wyrm English)

Wyrms (comics)

Wyrms is a six-issue comic book mini-series by Orson Scott Card and Jake Black, based on the novel Wyrms by author Orson Scott Card. Publication started in April 2006 by Dabel Brothers Productions and was finished in February 2008 by Marvel Comics.

Wyrms (novel)

Wyrms (1987) is a science fiction novel by American writer Orson Scott Card. The story examines desire, wisdom, and human will. Card describes a version of the tri-partite soul, similar to that articulated by Plato in The Republic.

Usage examples of "wyrms".

Over the oldest and wealthiest streets of Sirlptar the sinuous and splendid wyrms of the air banked, gliding along the ridge like black ghosts while the robed men astride them worked with strands of hair feverish magic .

Markoun raised a similarly baffled and angry face from his own casting, and their eyes met in shared fury and frustration as the two wyrms flashed past each other and circled under the frustrated guidance of their creators, for a parley that both already knew the opening and sole concern of: the Lady Silvertree was not to be found anywhere in or near Sirlptar.

The smooth, rounded dome radiated warmth and smelled faintly of sulfur, but once he was standing on it, he was safe from the ice wyrms that inhabited the glimmering hollow around which the WiseMothers gathered.

Never before did I know the liking of great wyrms for fire mountains, but now that I do, it does explain why we see them round here.

With a possible enemy so near, she refused to speak in Dragonish, a tongue the great wyrms keep to themselves.

But his daughter Irena, the first Heptarch, she saw something that only the Heptarchs know: As he spoke the prophecy and drew the map with his right hand, his left hand slowly tapped out into the mind of the ship, 'Save my daughter from the lair of the wyrms, or they will devour all mankind.