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WYRK is a country music formatted radio station located in Buffalo, New York. It broadcasts from the top of the Rand Building in Buffalo, where its studios are located on the 12th floor.

The 106.5 frequency first signed on as WBEN-FM in 1946. That station later moved to 102.5 and is now WTSS. After the move, 106.5 became WADV, an MOR/ easy listening station. WADV was the first station in Western New York to air an FM stereo signal 1. WADV was sold in April 1981 to Stoner Communications which immediately changed the station to a country music format and adopted the call sign used today. The initial format was semi-automated, with airstaff added a few years later; as such, it was not immediately successful, as Ramblin' Lou Schriver-owned WXRL had been the city's heritage country outlet for over a decade by the time WYRK had adopted the format. WYRK received a major boost in popularity with country's massive shift in style in the early 1990s and embraced the new country sound.

WYRK, according to the Nielsen ratings service, is the most popular radio station in Western New York. WYRK remains a largely local operation, with the only known syndicated programs on the station being Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 and CMT Country Countdown USA. It is currently owned by Townsquare Media.

WYRK began streaming its programming on the Internet in November 2006.