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n. (obsolete spelling of wire English)


Wyre is a local government district with borough status in Lancashire, England. The population of the Non-metropolitan district at the 2011 census was 107,749. Its council is based in Poulton-le-Fylde.

The district is named after the River Wyre, which runs through the district. It was formed on 1 April 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972, and was a merger of the municipal borough of Fleetwood, along with Poulton-le-Fylde, Preesall, Garstang and Thornton-Cleveleys urban districts and various Rural Districts.

Wyre (disambiguation)

Wyre may be:

  • Wyre borough, a local government district in Lancashire, England
    • the River Wyre after which it is named
      • Wyre Light (Fleetwood), a lighthouse near the Wyre estuary
      • Wyre Dock railway station, in Fleetwood near the Wyre estuary
    • Wyre (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Wyre Forest (district) in Worcestershire, England
    • Wyre Forest after which it is named
    • Wyre Forest (UK Parliament constituency)
    • 107.2 The Wyre, a radio station serving North Worcestershire
    • Wyre Piddle, a village in Worcestershire
  • Afon Wyre (Welsh for River Wyre), a river in Ceredigion, Wales
  • Wyre, Orkney, Scotland
  • WYRE (AM), a top 40 radio station in Annapolis, Maryland, United States
  • WBHU, a radio station (105.5 FM) licensed to serve St. Augustine Beach, Florida, United States, which held the call sign WYRE-FM from 2011 to 2014
  • WYRE, the former callsign of WWNL, a Christian radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Wyre, the stage name of Kevin Wyre, a Kenyan musician
  • John Wyre, Canadian percussionist
  • Wyre Davies, Welsh journalist
  • Wyre (comics), a fictional character in Marvel Comics
Wyre (UK Parliament constituency)

Wyre was a parliamentary constituency in the Wyre district of Lancashire.

It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1983 until it was abolished for the 1997 general election. It was then partially replaced by the new constituency of Lancaster and Wyre.


WYRE (810 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Top 40 mix of current pop music. Licensed to Annapolis, Maryland, USA, it serves Annapolis and portions of the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC areas.

The station started out as WASL, then several years later switched call letters to WIPA as it programmed a steady diet of uninterrupted Arthur Godfrey-style ukulele music. Under Jacob Einstein's management tenure, the station switched calls again, to WABW (signalling their coverage of Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington). Still an also-ran in the market, it received somewhat of a bump when it debuted Tony Donald, formerly from cross-town rival WNAV. Donald later surfaced on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge, Maryland, at WCEM.

In the sixties the station assumed its present call sign (WYRE) as a Top 40 station featuring air personalities Barry Richards (later to move to progressive music WHMC, Gaithersburg), Kirby Scott (in between stints at WSBA, York, PA and WCAO, Baltimore) and Jack Alix (previously of WEAM and WPGC).

As of March 15, 2010, the station became part of the KHZTV network with stations throughout Maryland including WAMD in Harford County and WKHZ in Easton. Considered a multimedia platform with an internet tv channel playing videos and the audio on the networked radio stations, personalities such as Tracy Hart work as VJs.

Wyre (musician)

Kevin Wyre (stage name Wyre) is a R&B and reggae musician from Kenya known from the groups Necessary Noize and East African Bashment Crew as well as a solo artist.

He has released two solo albums. The latest album, Ten Years Wiser, was named for his 10-year spanning career in music. As a solo artist, he has performed in various African countries, including Nigeria and Uganda. He has collaborated with various artists, including P-Square, 2Face_Idibia of Nigeria. Other notable collaborations that he has done have been with Jamaica's Alaine, Cecile, and Morgan Heritage.

He is reputed for his consistence and relevance in the music industry having maintained an industry presence actively since the late 90s. One of the ways Wyre has maintained this longevity is having several collaborations locally and international. Among the local Kenyan artists that he has collaborated with include Nazizi, Kidis, Prezzo, Khaligraph Jones, Vigeti, Nonini, JB Maina, Benjamin Kabaseke

Well known for his stage performance, alongside Ian and Qqu of N.I.X. He is undoubtedly one of Africa's most entertaining performers.

He also worked as a producer at Tedd Josiah's Blu Zebra Studios and has established his own record label Love Child Records where he has signed among others, Verbal, another Kenyan dance hall artist .

Usage examples of "wyre".

Ledbury and Malvern as being in a most unsettled condition, for roving bands of marauders had sought shelter in the forests of Wyre and , and although houses well defended by moats, and such like barriers, had hitherto been safe, the homes and barns of many franklins had been invaded, and many gross robberies committed.

I found that Sire Andrew Trollop and his men had gone northwards to the forest of Wyre in pursuit of fugitive Lancastrians, and that sire John Carfax was as anxious as ever to gain the favour of King Edward by denouncing the wounded Calverley, who was crippled for life at Branshill Castle.

In the vast woodlands which stretched to the forest of Wyre, beyond Kidderminster, there were many places where bands of men might lurk for days together, and make forays on private houses at a distance from their regular rendezvous.

The Lancashire countryside gleamed green all around him, the small river Wyre burbled its way toward the Irish Sea.

The Wyred are required to be knowledgeable about all forms of magic and the last time Arim had visited the Lady Damra and her husband, two years previous, Griffith had been deeply involved in the study of Vrykyl.

We do not admit to the use of magic, yet somehow the Wyred always seem to be in the right place at the right time to turn the tide of battle.

I mention my plan for the use of magic to a certain member of my household, who mentions it to a certain member of his household, who sees to it that the Wyred find out about it.

The Dominion Lords were not Wyred and so did not fall in that category.

As one of the Wyred for House Gwyenoc, Griffith often undertook secret missions for his lord.

But although he could not speak of where he was or what he was doing, he could still communicate with her, sending her, by means of the Wyred, letters filled with his love for her.

She was desperate enough to attempt to communicate with the Wyred directly, a feat that was not easy, even for a Dominion Lord.

She had no luck: the Wyred seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth as far as she was concerned.

The Wyred are taught to be soft-spoken, self-effacing, taught to be neither seen nor heard.

The Wyred know, as they know all things pertaining to magic, but they keep their knowledge secret, for knowledge is power.

The Wyred had placed powerful magicks on the grove to keep out thieves.