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Wyn \Wyn\, Wynn \Wynn\, n. Also Wen \Wen\ [AS. w[=e]n.] One of the runes (?) adopted into the Anglo-Saxon, or Old English, alphabet. It had the value of modern English w, and was replaced from about a. d. 1280 at first by uu, later by w.


n. (alternative spelling of wynn English)


Wyn is a Welsh surname and given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • A. A. Wyn (1898–1967), born Aaron Weinstein, was an American publisher ( A. A. Wyn's Magazine Publishers)
  • Aled Wyn Davies (born 1974), classical tenor from Powys, Wales
  • Alun Wyn Davies, Welsh rugby union footballer
  • Alun Wyn Jones (born 1985), Welsh rugby union footballer
  • Cerith Wyn Evans (born 1958), conceptual artist, sculptor and film maker
  • Dyfed Wyn-Evans (born 1969), baritone opera singer who grew up in Wales
  • Eirug Wyn (1950–2004), Welsh satirical novelist who wrote in Welsh
  • Eliseus Williams (Eifion Wyn) (1867–1926), Welsh language poet
  • Elizabeth Wyn Wood (1903–1966), Canadian sculptor, born in Orillia
  • Emyr Wyn Lewis (born 1982), Welsh rugby union footballer
  • Eurig Wyn (born 1944), Welsh politician
  • Geraint Wyn Davies (born 1957), Welsh-Canadian actor
  • Hedd Wyn (1887–1917), Merionethshire farmer and Welsh language poet of World War I
  • Ieuan Wyn Jones, AM (born 1949), leader of Plaid Cymru, Deputy First Minister
  • Llewelyn Wyn Griffith (1890–1977), Welsh novelist
  • Nesta Wyn Ellis, Welsh politician and writer
  • Owen Wyn Owen, automobile restorer and mechanic
  • Percy Wyn-Harris (born 1903), English mountaineer, political administrator, and yachtsman
  • Wyn Belotte (born 1984), Canadian soccer player
  • Wyn Calvin (born 1926), veteran Welsh comedian and entertainer
  • Wyn Cooper, American poet
  • Wyn Davies (born 1942), former professional Welsh football player
  • Wyn Davies (conductor) a Welsh conductor
  • Wyn Jones (born 1953), Welsh politician, Plaid Cymru member
  • Wyn Morris (1929–2010), Welsh conductor
  • Wyn Roberts, Baron Roberts of Conwy (born 1930), Welsh Conservative politician

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Usage examples of "wyn".

She damned well knew it, and all about that Stock Exchange closet queen who kept Wyn in an arty little flat on Sheridan Square-just six minutes from Wall Street.

Fennessey, Lydia had often recalled and with longing her squeals and pitchings and writhings with Wyn in that lumpy cot at Woonsocket.

Further, Wyn could and would tell you whether Adrian, Travis Banton, Omar Kiam, or yet some other dead designer had dressed them.

Hadrian-damned expensive and disrespectful enough even to suggest that Wyn was a lesser director than, say, Max Reinhardt.

New York on the next train leaving Wyn to suggest that perhaps Luis Fernando might be interested in playing the prince.

Sagging with disappointment, Wyn limped away to allow himself a quick reappraisal of the second footman.

Lydia had driven to the Cozy Courts and yanked Wyn bodily from his bed.

Actually, she had come to admire him more and more and more since the day Wyn had returned, dissolute and disappointing, into her life.

He relished his days on the set, showing off to the young, insulting Wyn and Rory, and doing a running impersonation of Lydia.

John Wesley, helpless, endured a more ardent than usual series of pats and squeezes and then, recreation period over, Wyn drew the armchair up to the bedside and got down to the business at hand.

As Wyn fled the room, the floor nurse cast John Wesley a glance of darkest suspicion from the corridor.

Thrown like an old bone to a no-talent fag director like Wyn Plover just so your daughter can play at being an actress and your rotten foundation can come up out of the sewer smelling like a rose.

Stan Earnshaws, the Wyn Plovers, the Justins and Lydias who go out and get what they want?

The one day she tried to let the event manage itself, Wyn Barri reported that the few who showed up straggled off back home or went to work early.

Only his brothers knew the truth, that Wyn felt too much so he protected himself by building a wall.