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Andru Wyme only once before, and not much liked the man then, nor, as yet, found reason to change his mind.

He supposed he was at fault in that, for Wyme was well regarded by the Autarchy.

He thought now that Wyme made him wait deliberately, looking to emphasize his elevation over a mere captain of marines.

While Wyme might love his duty, Var thought, he loved his comfort more.

Var hesitated, torn between fulfilling his promise to Arcole and fear of angering Wyme by pressing too hard.

Alyx Spelt and Captain Bennan faced him across the damask cloth, and Wyme took the head.

The table was cleared of all but the decanter and the servants were dismissed before Wyme spoke, and even then softly, as if he feared eavesdroppers.

Most likely a manservant, unless Wyme sets you to working the stables or some such.

Arcole: he was for the moment more interested in discovering what he might of Wyme and his household.

Arcole learnt that Wyme owned a stable of four horses and an equipage that was seldom used save when occasion demanded the ceremony of a carriage, or the governor made a trip inland.

For Arcole it was welcome relief from the tedium of indentured life: as streets of hard-packed dirt were churned to clinging mud, Governor Wyme gave up his sedan chair in favor of his carriage.

Such humble duty would have chafed the harder had he not been able to read the documents Wyme perused: it seemed not to have occurred to the man that Arcole could read and write.

He thought that Wyme would not miss a page or two of paper, and could he only find the chance and the time to transcribe the map, he should own a useful tool.

He bowed as Wyme waved a dismissive hand, and retreated to the kitchen.

Stantin were gone, and Wyme sat grave-faced, a glass forgotten at his elbow.