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WYLE was a commercial television station in Florence, Alabama, broadcasting locally on UHF channel 26. The station was founded January 11, 1982 and went silent on February 8, 2007 due to financial difficulties. ETC Communications Inc.'s license to operate the station was canceled by the Federal Communications Commission on March 12, 2009 due to failure to transmit for a period of twelve consecutive months.


Wyle or WYLE may refer to:

  • WYLE (TV), commercial television station in Florence, Alabama
  • Wyle Laboratories, provider of specialized engineering, scientific and technical services
  • Florence Wyle (1881–1968), American-born Canadian sculptor and designer
  • George Wyle (1916–2003),American orchestra leader and composer
  • Noah Wyle (born 1971), American actor
  • Walter de la Wyle, Bishop of Salisbury from 1263 to 1271

Usage examples of "wyle".

Jimmy Stewart, Josh Logan, John Swope, Martha Edens, Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, William Wyler, Billy Wilder, Nancy Keith, Diana Vreeland, Fredric and Florence March, Truman Capote, Millicent and Paul Osborn, Bill and Greta Wright, Sara Mankiewicz, Tom Mankiewicz, Bill Francisco, Peter Hunt, Charles and Ray Fames, Joseph Cotten, Hank Potter, George Cukor, Jules Stein, King Vidor, Swifty Lazar, George Axelrod, Kathleen Malley, Kenneth Wagg, my grandmother, and most of all my brother, Bill.

Nice neighbors, the kind of folks that drop everything when they hear on the radio that the Red Cross is getting low on O, and none of them knew that Audrey Wyler, the quiet widow who lived between the Sodersons and the Reeds, was now starring in her own Hammer film.

The Regulators had about twenty minutes left to run in this, its nine billionth showing at casa Wyler, and Audrey thought she could count on at least that long.

He checks the rearview again and catches sight of something bright red up on Bear Street beyond the Josephson place a van, it looks like, parked just beyond the southwestern corner of the intersection and then swoops his Schwinn back across the street again, this time to 247, the Wyler place.

People say that Herb Wyler, who collected stamps and had once given Gary an old air rifle, committed suicide.

He can't see her well enough to be sure, but he thinks maybe Mrs Wyler is naked from the waist up, that she's standing there in her front hall wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

Wyler resorted to chloroform, and twenty minutes later withdrew a big, strong baby girl from the birth canal.

Asoora went strate up 2 thi big globe ov thi sun & put hir hand up & tutched it & stayd that way 4 a minit or so wyle thi rest ov us luked on, then she sat down & cloasd hir Is.