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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wye \Wye\, n.; pl. Wyes.

  1. The letter Y.

  2. A kind of crotch. See Y, n. (a) .


Etymology 1 n. 1 (Latn-def en name Y y) 2 A wye-shaped object: ''a wye-level, wye-connected.'' Especially a Y-shaped connection of three sections of road or railroad track. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context poetic obsolete English) A warrior or fighter. 2 (context poetic obsolete English) A hero; a man, person.

Wye, MT -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Montana
Population (2000): 381
Housing Units (2000): 126
Land area (2000): 3.126905 sq. miles (8.098646 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 3.126905 sq. miles (8.098646 sq. km)
FIPS code: 81980
Located within: Montana (MT), FIPS 30
Location: 46.950775 N, 114.130810 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Wye, MT

Wye may refer to:

Place names:

  • Wye, Kent, a village in Kent, England
    • Wye School, serving the above village
    • Wye railway station, serving the above village
  • Wye, Montana, a town in Missoula County, Montana, USA
  • Wye, South Australia, a town in South Australia, Australia
  • Wye River (plantation), was the home of William Paca, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
  • Wye River, Victoria, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia
  • Wye Road, Strathcona County, Alberta
  • Wye House, a large Southern frame plantation house in Talbot County, Maryland
  • Wye, a fictional province in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series


  • River Wye, the major river, flowing through both Wales and England, rising on Plynlimon to the River Severn
    • Wye Valley, the scenic area around the lower part of the river
    • Wye Valley Walk, a footpath or hiking trail in Wales and England
    • Wye Valley Brewery, in Herefordshire, England
  • River Wye, Derbyshire, a river flowing from Axe Edge Moor, Buxton to the River Derwent
  • River Wye, Buckinghamshire, a river flowing from the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire to Bourne End where it meets the River Thames
  • Wye River, New Zealand, a minor river in the South Island of New Zealand
  • Wye River (Maryland), in Maryland, USA
  • Wye River (Tasmania), a river of Tasmania, Australia
  • Wye River (Victoria), Australia


  • The letter Y
  • Wye (rail), a term used in North American railroading equivalent to an English railway Triangle
  • Wye ("Y") fitting for piping and plumbing
  • Wye River Memorandum, a series of accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed at Wye River in Maryland
    • Also Wye River Agreements section in the History of Israel page, on the same subject
  • A "wye" connection (from "Y") in electrical engineering, a type of three-phase power connection
  • A directional T interchange (or "wye interchange" or "Y interchange") between two or more roads or highways
Wye (rail)

A wye (Y) or triangular junction, in rail terminology, is a triangular shaped arrangement of rail tracks with a switch or set of points at each corner. In mainline railroads, this can be used at a rail junction, where two rail lines join, in order to allow trains to pass from one line to the other line.

Wyes can also be used for turning railway equipment. By performing the railway equivalent of a three-point turn, the direction of travel and the relative orientation of a locomotive or railway vehicle can be reversed, resulting in it facing in the direction from which it came. Where a wye is built specifically for reversing purposes, one or more of the tracks making up the junction will typically be a stub siding.

Tram or streetcar tracks also make use of triangular junctions and sometimes have a short triangle or wye stubs to turn the car at the end of the line.

Usage examples of "wye".

Sir Alured Wharton was a baronet, with a handsome old family place on the Wye, in Hertfordshire, whose forefathers had been baronets since baronets were first created, and whose earlier forefathers had lived at Wharton Hall much before that time.

And what of Usk and Wye and Teme and Clun, which the Marchmen must cross?

They had climbed swiftly from the Wye Valley at Litton Mill through the trees that lined the old railway, then out on to the bare hillside where even sheep preferred not to scramble among the limestone outcroppings.

Towards the end of the 11th century, when the tide of Norman invasion swept upwards along the Wye valley, the district became a lordship marcher annexed to that of Brecknock, but was again severed from it on the death of William de Breos, when his daughter Matilda brought it to her husband, Roger Mortimer of Wigmore.

He was followed quickly by Margaret, Jassy, and Perkin Wye, returning with a big, stolid man from the stables, Cob of Linton, slow in his wits but strong.

But Quentin had taken up his position on the left wing of the search party, along with Panax and the Elven Hunters Kian, Wye, and Rusten, and watched as an unaccompanied Walker made his way cautiously ahead.

Kian, Wye, Panax, and even the Rindge, who had not fled as Tamis had feared.

He was charmed with the scenery and solitude about Rhyaider Gowy, in Radnorshire, which lies amidst romantic mountains, and in immediate vicinity to a cataract of the Wye.

And beyond that over the Dinedor Hills to Hereford and the great cathedral there with the Mappa Mundi the map of the known world when the world was young and then on again following the River Wye through Sugwas Pool, Bridge Sollers, Mansell Gamage to Moccas and Bredwardine and finally to Hay-on-Wye and the little town of bookshops.

What matters is that you understand that Aphasia Wye is coming with you.

She had no more love for Aphasia Wye than did Terek Molt, but she found him useful in carrying out assignments that others would either refuse or mishandle.

I know that you have bided here in sore risk for me, and maybe you also will be safer if once we are across the Wye.

At Llandovery a messenger from Builth met them, with word that King Henry's host was on the move westwards from Hereford up the valley of the Wye.

Further information will be sent daily at zero divs. Say again, this is Station Wye Wye Zed, transmitting to rural locations only.

He did that often, as though he had never quite managed to get over the few months during which he had been mustacheless in Wye.