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WV (disambiguation)

WV may refer to:

  • West Virginia, United States postal abbreviation
  • WV postcode area, England
  • Swe Fly IATA airline designator
  • Weerodara Vibhushanaya, a military decoration in Sri Lanka
  • wv (software), a software formerly known as MSWordView or wvware
  • WavPack, a software whose file extension is .wv
  • WV, a prefix for tombs found in the West Valley of the Valley of the Kings
  • Wikivoyage, a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free content Internet travel guide

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Wv (software)

The software library wv, also known as wvware or by its previous name mswordview, is a set of free software programs licensed under the GNU General Public License which can be used for viewing and/or converting files in the Microsoft .doc format to plain text, LaTeX, html or other formats.

The wv library provides several tools on the command line of a Unix shell, such as wvText for converting a .doc file to a plain text file. It is used by the program abiword, which provides a GUI interface for reading .doc files.