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Etymology 1 n. (alternative spelling of wuss English) Etymology 2

n. (plural of wu English)


WUS may refer to:

  • Wuyishan Airport (IATA code WUS)
  • World University Service, international organisation

Usage examples of "wus".

My pappy name Ben Thompson en he hadder stay dere close to de big house cause he wus de Colonel driver.

Dere wus nigh bout no whippin er tall, least Old Marster neber did whip his slaves ter do no good, en he mos ginerally tole us mammies er pappies ter do de whippin er de chillun en de older boys en gals.

My Marster warnt no big, rich man lak er heap er de white folks in dem slabery times, yit en still, he sho hed er plenty er ebery-thing, en de bes of all he fed he niggers good en wus always good ter tem.

Marster wus good ter all he niggers, dar wus heap er de marsters in dem slabery times whut wus mean, en dat whut mek de niggers run off en hide in de woods, en dats when dey git de nigger hounds on em en track em down jes lak ye do er coon.

Dey wus atter dem niggers whut dey claim is mean en zerted dey marsters en went en tuk up wid de Yankees.

Old Marster start in wid dat hickry en mek out lak he gwine ter frail us out, but atter he done landed er few licks on us, en den us commence hollerin lak he hirtin bad, den he quit whippin, dat de way Old Marster wus.

The Changs, the Wus and who knew how many others were suddenly at risk again.

The Ghost studied the curious man—who'd miraculously discovered the location of the Fuzhou Dragon at sea, who'd found the Wus and the Changs and who had actually succeeded in capturing the Ghost himself.

They've only got a basic hundred surnames in all China and of those there're twenty Yus, eight Yens, ten Wus and God knows how many Pings, Lis, Lees, Chens, Chins, Chings, Wongs and Fus and each one of them you pronounce five different ways so God knows who's who!

And you've been feeding him informationyou told him the Wus were in the Murray Hill safe house.

I wish they'd compete in the marketplace where it really counts instead of being little wusses and whining for government assistance to compete.