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Martin Hansen, better known as Wunder or Wunderwear is a Danish League of Legends player who is the top laner for Splyce of the EU LCS.

Wunder was considered an up-and-coming talent, had to wait a year to play in the LCS after qualifying to the LCS because of the 17 year age limit on for the league.

Team Dignitas EU was bought by Follow eSports for over $1 mil USD. Follow eSports later became known as Splyce.

He changed his name from "Wunderwear" to just "Wunder".

Splyce went on a winning streak at the end of the 2016 Summer EU LCS to eventually finished 2nd in the regular season standings.

Usage examples of "wunder".

Wunder der Sehnsucht waren seine Werke, der Sehnsucht nach Form, Gestalt, Begrenzung, Koerperlichkeit, der Sehnsucht hinueber in die klare Welt des anderen, der unmittelbar und mit goettlichem Mund die besonnten Dinge bei Namen nannte.