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Wug or WUG may refer to:

  • Wake Up, Girls!, an animated Japanese series
  • Wireless user group, a wireless network run by enthusiasts
  • Universiade (translated as World University Games), an international athletic event for university students
  • An imaginary creature depicted in the psycholinguistic investigative tool known as the Wug Test

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Usage examples of "wug".

Initial fear and panic at the appearance of the wugs soon gave way to concern, then uncertainty, and finally to annoyance when the thousands of tiny devices exhibited nothing in the way of purpose, much less hostility.

Short of dismantling and shutting down every mechanism and machine in the Strip, the wugs were here to stay.

Cardenas could not guarantee the claim, but past experience had shown him that whatever it was the wugs wanted, it would not involve violence.

For their part, the wugs squatted, or sat, or stood, according to their construction, and looked on in near-total, inscrutable silence.

What was known for certain about the life of wugs would not fill a chip off a molly the size of a ball bearing.