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n. A gentle sniff or snort vb. To sniff or snort gently

Usage examples of "wuffle".

The dogs wuffled and danced nervously as they crossed the hot tile of the portico.

Dogs wuffled and snarled, dragging at their picket chain as they smelled death.

The dog Wuffles turned over and regarded the priest with one baleful black eye.

That's two Lord Vetinaris, Wuffles being an old-fashioned kind of dog.

The description of the invasion of the Oblong Office had been carried out in a succession of yelps, barks and growls, with Wuffles running around in circles and snapping at his own tail until he bumped into William's ankle.

William had offered to carry Wuffles, because in a way he felt he owned him.

And Mr Pin was spinning around, flailing at an enraged Wuffles, who was managing to growl while sinking his teeth into Pin's arm all the way to the bone.

Then all three, carrying the unconscious Lord Vetinari and harried by the dog, Wuffles (16), took the stairs to the stables.

Deep Bone claimed to know the dog Wuffles, and a dog ought to know if his master was acting oddly, dogs liked routine .

Practically none of this was in fact the case, although he did have a small and exceedingly elderly wire-haired terrier called Wuffles that smelled badly and wheezed at people.

The Librarian himself sat under it, wrapped in his blanket and holding Wuffles on his lap.

He heard the distant snap of raw energy, and a sound that started low and ended up in zones of pitch that even Wuffles, lying with his paws over his head, could not hear.

At least it enabled him to identify Wuffles, who was wheezing at his right foot.

And Wuffles lay on his back at his master's feet, and barked in his dreams.