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WTP can have the following meanings:

  • Want to Party [an abbreviation often used in texting]
  • We The People series, a web series created by Thanos Βirkos & Giannis Zorzos, 1
  • Water Treatment Plant, a facility that performs water purification
  • Web Tools Platform, a platform for the Eclipse (software)
  • Western Treatment Plant, (also known as the Werribee Sewage Farm) in Cocoroc, Victoria, Australia
  • White Trash Party, a song by rapper Eminem
  • Willingness to pay, economic term
  • Winnie The Pooh Creation of A. A. Milne
  • Wireless transaction protocol, technical term in wireless communication
  • Slang term for "what the puss", after the style of "WTF"
  • World Travel Protection, a company located in Toronto,Ontario, Canada
  • Well to Pump, in reference to generally emissions made when bringing fossil fuels from the oil well to the consumer