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WSA may refer to:

  • van der Waals surface area
  • War Shipping Administration, part of the US government responsible for building cargo ships in World War II
  • Wealth Success Alliance, a group of UK entrepreneurs
  • Weapon storage area, a maximum security part of an ammunition depot where nuclear weapons are stored
  • Western Sahara Authority
  • Western Soccer Alliance
  • Wilderness Study Area
  • Windows Socket API, Microsoft's implementation of Berkeley sockets
  • Women's Squash Association, the governing body for the women's professional squash circuit and the women's world rankings
  • Worker Student Alliance, a division of Students for a Democratic Society, sometimes referred to as SDS-WSA
  • Workers Solidarity Alliance
  • World Service Authority
  • World Steel Association
  • World Stupidity Awards
  • World Summit Award
  • WSA Process, Wet gas Sulphuric Acid is a Wet Catalysis Process
  • Web Services Addressing