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n. (plural of wright English)

Wrights (textile manufacturers)

Wrights is a brand of trim and other textiles for home sewing, owned since 2001 by the Simplicity Creative Group.

The Wrights brand was introduced in 1897 when William E. Wright & Sons was founded in Massachusetts. Wright & Sons remained independent until 1985, when a group of shareholders—including a grandson of the founder—enabled the Newell Company to acquire a minority share in the company; within month that share grew until it acquire control over the company. In 1989 Boye Needle Company was merged into Wrights. In 2001 Conso International Corporation, a South Carolina manufacturer of trims to the wholesale trade, and owners of the Simplicity Pattern brand, bought the company.

Usage examples of "wrights".

The Professor introduced him as Hans to Emily, after the Wrights had greeted him like an old friend, then led the way through the double doors Hans had opened into a lofty room with two great windows at one end and a carved fireplace of great splendour.

Emily waited until the Wrights had gone into their room and then, invited by the smiling housekeeper, went into her own.

The Wrights had breakfast in their room and on her second morning she found that she was to share hers with the Professor.

She hugged her brother, greeted the Wrights like old friends and then hugged Emily.

Emily opening her own presents gloves from the Wrights, a delicate porcelain cup and saucer from Mevrouw Jurres-Romeijn, and old print from Evelina and Franz paused at the last unopened gift to watch the Professor.

The Wrights were being driven by Hans to see some friends living in Loenen.

She was saved from answering by Emma coming in with the coffee tray and seized on her respite to start talking feverishly about the weather, the Wrights going out and what charming cottages there were on the estate.

Chapter 10 The Wrights looked worn and pale and nondescript, like an old sepia-toned photo that had faded, its once-glossy surface crackled.

After the Wrights and their attorney left, Edmond removed his bifocals and rubbed his eyes.

Saturday night or Sunday, but had worried that by then the Wrights might have contacted Naomi.

She was reluctant to become involved, more reluctant to meet again with the Wrights and their attorney.

The judge can give the Wrights instructions, but will they follow them exactly?

I can deal with having the Wrights standing outside the delivery room, waiting to see their grandchildren, to hold them.

She told me, that when the Miss Wrights were in Washington, with General Lafayette, they very frequently attended the debates, and that the most distinguished members were always crowding round them.

I could lock you up where the straw still stinks of the blood from your fellow glass wrights, where you still might find a thumb mixed in with the offal.