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WRE may refer to:

  • Weapons Research Establishment, an Australian military program now part of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation
  • Weekday Religious Education, a program of religious education in some American public schools
  • Western Roman Empire
  • Whangarei Airport, New Zealand (IATA code WRE)

Usage examples of "wre".

They would be able to half-swim, half-wade across, the intervening channels, using the fire lizards to scare away the water snakes, which could wring the blood out of a person's arm or leg.

Faking her hand, he ducked down the side of the building, Wre a narrow stone alleyway, overshadowed by the twelve*ey warehouses on either side of it, led to steps and to the Ornes.

That guy was honourable and people wre beginning to see him in that light.

Nesso grimaced and began to wring her hands, bringing them by degrees to her mouth as if to mask her words.

If he tried to tell Deelan straight out, she'd weep and wail, wring her hands and run straight to Lytol.

Sharra said with some acerbity as she began to wring her long hair dry, "but I am.

Most of the others there, too, wore such marks, but, in their cases, the marks wre different.