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WRBK is a non-commercial oldies radio station located in Chester, South Carolina, that broadcasts on a frequency of 90.3 MHz.

WRBK is programmed on an automated basis rather than featuring live-on air personalities. Sometimes, a jingle featuring the station's frequency and callsign is played between songs. At other times, weather forecasts, public service announcements, or underwriting announcements for local businesses air between songs. However, at many other times, songs are simply played back-to-back with no bumpers in-between.

Its playlist is very diverse and broad, featuring not only prominent songs and artists from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s. but many lesser-known artists whose songs were hits during that era as well. Prior to 2009, it promoted itself by claiming that its songs came from the years 1955 through 1977. However, in 2009, the playlist was extended to include songs from the early 1980s as well, making its musical timespan from 1955 to 1984, with its on-air promotions revised accordingly.

In addition to music, WRBK broadcasts various community interest programs—most notably, high school football games on Friday nights and Sunday church worship services.

Its signal reaches areas in both North and South Carolina. Northward, it reaches part of the Charlotte market, and can easily be picked up in Union County, NC and in the Southern portions of Mecklenburg County. Hickory station WFHE, which broadcasts on the same frequency, blocks out WRBK's signal north of Charlotte.

WRBK is simulcast in Whitmire, SC on 90.9 WNBK-FM, as the main signal from 90.3 is directional to protect 90.1 WEPR in Greenville. The WNBK-FM 90.9 signal covers the area between Union and Newberry. WRBK is also simulcast on 91.1 WEBK-FM, licensed to Society Hill, South Carolina.