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vb. (eye dialect of wrestle from=African American Vernacular English English)

Usage examples of "wrassle".

They said you could tell which men had ever tried to wrassle Mike Fink, cause they got no ears.

Reds had been kind of laughing and joshing about the wrassle, but when they saw the greatest chief of all the tribes, a man whose name was known from Boston to New Orleans, when they saw him smash on the ground like that they kind of left off laughing.

I have a long, important day ahead of me, and I might still have to wrassle with Bessy.

I suspect if it ever came to it, Jim would be willing to wrassle Satan.

If one of them woke up to find him choking on him he would wrassle loose from him, knock him out, and then put him back to bed where he would wake up in the morning his old mild affable self again.

My ole lady struggles to keep her misery, squirms and wrassles with herself on the bench.

Measure knew a few wrassling tricks, but Fink never even tried to grapple with him.

They hustle Springer out another door, which Slothrop bolts and wrassles a heavy filing cabinet up against, then they drag Springer up a flight of steps into a long, straight corridor, lit by six or seven bulbs, the spaces between which are very dark.

She could rough it with the best of them, but after a night wrassling with earth spirits peevy at everything that moved, a little luxury was nice.

One of the help brought it over when they'd finished picking up the pieces of those two guys you wrassled with in the Pink Garter.

After he wrassled him the bar, 'n' rendered it down fer candles 'n' tanned the hide.

Mike Fink never wrassled a man who didn’t want a fight, and he never killed a man who wasn’t set to kill him first if he got a chance.

Her little brother Al Junior, he’s that six-year-old wrassling with the blond-headed Swedish boy there—see him?

Fink didn’t have an inch of height or reach on him, and Measure knew a few wrassling tricks, but Fink never even tried to grapple with him.