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WRA can refer to:

  • War Relocation Authority, an agency that relocated and interned enemy aliens during World War II
  • Water Resources Agency, an agency in Taiwan
  • Western Reserve Academy, a private mid-sized co-educational boarding and day college preparatory school in Hudson, Ohio
  • Worcester Regional Airport, Massachusetts
  • World Road Association, an international forum for discussing roads and road networks
  • Wildrose Alliance, a political party in Alberta

Usage examples of "wra".

On the 12th of March his lordship made an elaborate defence of his scheme, which wras warmly debated, Mr.

Arcona, trying to imagine how she wras going to move someone more than twice her size without breaking his concentration.

Great Britain, certain it is the negotiation wras dropped, on pretence that the articles were disapproved by the ministry of England.

Storr, in the Revenge, who lost the calf of one leg in the engagement, during which he wras sustained by the ships Berwick and Preston.

WRA: So the answer, with respect to Weinberger, is the latter: it's not ideology, not a fear of communism so much as.