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WPI is the abbreviation of:

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a private university in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Short use of DWPI ( Derwent World Patents Index)
  • Whey protein isolate, a dietary supplement created by filtering milk protein
  • Whittemore Peterson Institute, performs research into chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Wholesale price index, the price of a representative basket of wholesale goods
  • Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar
  • Windows Post-Install Wizard (or WPIW), a software application for choosing and installing multiple Windows programs
  • Winning Percentage Index, a measure of a team's strength. Used in some locations to seed bracketed tournaments
  • Work Personality Index
  • Worker-Communist Party of Iran (Persian: حزب کمونیست کارگری ایران) founded 1991, a political party that seeks the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the establishment of a 'Socialist Republic' in its place
  • World Policy Institute, a research and education policy center in New York City
  • World price index, the price of a representative basket of goods available in the top 15 global economies. Used for monthly Purchasing Power Parity calculations.
  • Wraps Per Inch, a method of measuring the weight of yarn