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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Woundwort \Wound"wort`\, n. (Bot.) Any one of certain plants whose soft, downy leaves have been used for dressing wounds, as the kidney vetch, and several species of the labiate genus Stachys.


n. 1 Any of several plants formerly used in poultices for wounds. 2 # Any of several plants of the genus ''Stachys'', including the (vern hedge woundwort pedia=1) and the (vern marsh woundwort pedia=1). 3 # ''Achillea millefolium'', (vern soldier's woundwort pedia=1) 4 # (taxlink Anthyllis vulneraria species noshow=1) 5 # (taxlink Solidago virgaurea species noshow=1) 6 # (taxlink Bellis perennis species noshow=1)

Usage examples of "woundwort".

A network of streams punctuated the thick vegetation, low-lying willow and prickly dewberry amid tussocks of woundwort and grassy sedge.

He helped the physicians with binding woundwort and other medicinal herbs, including some mosses and clay, around open cuts to stop them festering.

The simple gash had festered, and before they knew it her father had the wound fever and neither hot iron nor poultice, woundwort nor holy water, had stopped the spread.

A bandage-shaped leaf must be woundwort, a bladder-shaped pod, bladderwort.

Five months before, he had enjoyed taking part in their conflict with Efrafra, in diving on the formidable General Woundwort, in covering the retreat of Bigwig and the fugitive does in their flight from Efrafra and helping them escape down the river.

Rathe recognized one of the hanging bunches as woundwort, and for a moment was dizzied by the thought of Mikael as physician as well as executioner.

Anne did what she could, binding a poultice of woundwort and honey over the wound.

She then forced Amelia to drink a syrup of marsh woundwort, hoping that would stop the hemorrhaging.

Foot, Woundwort and Sanicle, and several others I could not recognize.

The dark leaves and pink flowers of marsh woundwort, which helped to heal cuts and grazes, was growing next to the paths that led out to the villages of Kensington and Chelsea and in a small patch in Westminster near the Thames.

They cleaned the broken wound of its exudations with a lotion of woundwort and sanicle, and dressed it with a paste of the same herbs with betony and the chickweed wintergreen, covered it with clean linen, and swathed the patients wasted trunk with bandages to keep the dressing in place.

This plant has nothing to do with either of the well- known Artichokes both of which belong to the Compositae family, whereas this belongs to the Mint family, Labiatae, and to the same genus that is represented here by the Woundworts and Wood Betony.

The name 'Mouse-ear' is also applied to 'Mouse-ear Chickweed,' a plant of the genus Cerastium, to a plant of the genus Myosotis, valued for its medicinal properties, and to various kinds of Woundworts.

Woundwort, on the other hand, had taken his rabbits into the ditch and then made use of it to get them down to the water meadow, unexposed to further attack from Kehaar.