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n. A hearty Ethiopian stew eaten with injera


WOTT (94.1 FM, "94 Rock") is an active rock formatted radio station licensed to Calcium, New York.

It was originally a country music station, with the call letters WLKC, before taking the current call letters as an oldies station with the on-air name "WOTT (pronounced "watt") Fun Oldies." After dropping the oldies format and nickname, the station took a classic rock format as "Real Rock 100.7." In early 2007, the station began experimenting with guest DJs and announced that the station would be undergoing some changes. The station reinvented itself, somewhat, rebranding itself as "Rock 100.7". On February 9, 2009 the station switched frequencies from 100.7 to 94.1 and boosted its power from 6,000 watts to 21,500 watts, allowing the station to reach northern Jefferson county and Lewis county, areas which could never receive the station before. The new class C3 station it moved to was put on the air by Community Broadcsters, LLC after it was purchased from LiveAir Communications, Inc. in January, 2009. The station's format and call letters are still the same, but the station's name was changed from Rock 100.7 to Rock 94. The former 100.7 frequency now belongs to the station WEFX, 100.7 The Fox.


WOTT is a 4-letter combination that can mean:

  • For the radio station, see WOTT (FM).
  • For the series of adventure gamebooks set on the fantasy world of Orb, see Way of the Tiger.