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vb. (eye dialect of was English)


WOS may refer to:

  • Web of Science, an online academic database
  • Wilson Ornithological Society
  • Wizards of OS, a computing group
  • World of Spectrum, a website dedicated to the 1980s ZX Spectrum home computer
  • World of Speed, a f2p online racing MMO game
  • World of Springfield, a series of action figures based on the TV series The Simpsons
  • Well of Souls, a natural cave in Jerusalem
  • Wholly owned Subsidiary, a type of business establishment, common in India which refers to the subsidiary of a parent company which is 100% owned by the parent company.
  •, which organises the Theatregoers' Choice Awards

Usage examples of "wos".

He took Sintra from Wos hands and, with a feeling of completion, slid Kutrama into her.

Soldier had felt this history before now, of course, had known he carried a great hate in his soul, a great enmity, which had come out at times with terrible unstoppable ferocity, such as when he killed Wos kinsman, the dog-head Vau.

Soldiers dragon continued for three hundred years, grieving the only mother he had known when called to his funeral by Wos mournful barking.

Washington, but I never could make out right whether he wos a Government man or not.

Scraggs, who brought the news, said they wos all lying dead with their scalps off.

Jane thought about pointing out to Billie that she wos a girl, but knew better.

It wos a ugly warmint, but no matter for that--the creater had gained her heart.

Mhelego to be fasonions e flurniy sed my casePassoI me w,rlnkiehat paiith fsee him d stosnar his e undetto shakera by foun the street,,He wos down.