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world religions

n. (world religion English)

World Religions (TV series)

World Religions was an educational television show which was produced and broadcast by TVOntario (known at the time as the Ontario Educational Communications Authority) in 1973. The show was based on the theological book, "World Religions", written by Huston Smith.

World religions (disambiguation)

World religions may refer to:

  • Major religious groups
  • World Religions, a television series
  • The World's Religions, a book by Huston Smith

Usage examples of "world religions".

The great world religions arose within a worldview of mythic and mythic-rational, and upon a techno-economic base of horse and plow (herding/agrarian)with scarce resource of membership and thus with corresponding (and very rigid) hierarchies of power, membership, wealth, and access to the Divine.

Came the disappearance of local gods, the age of theocrasia, and the teaching of the great world religions.

Grof has found (and this I find extremely interesting) that the differing imageries of the various world religions tend to appear and to support his patients variously during the successive stages of their sessions.

Higher orders of angels, celestial beings featuring in the cosmologies of the three major religions of the Western world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as many other world religions.

The staying power of animism, in competition with these two major world religions, might be traced to the survival of large tracts of forest here into the twentieth century.