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pron. (context Geordie English) Regional variant of our.


WOR (710 kHz) is a 50,000 Watt class A clear-channel, AM station located in New York, New York. The station is owned by iHeartMedia. The station airs a mix of local and syndicated Talk radio shows, primarily from co-owned Premiere Networks, including The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show, and Coast to Coast AM; all three of these programs previously aired on WABC, WOR's competitor, before iHeartMedia purchased WOR and moved them there.

WOR serves as the flagship station for the New York Mets and Rutgers University's football and men's basketball teams.

WOR is one of the oldest radio stations in New York, with a three-letter call sign indicating the station dates from the 1920s. The station broadcasts from studios in the Tribeca district of Manhattan at the former AT&T Building, with its transmitter in Rutherford, New Jersey.


WOR or Wor may refer to:

  • WOR (AM), a radio station (710 AM) licensed to New York, New York, United States
  • WEPN-FM, a radio station (98.7 FM) licensed to New York, New York, United States, which used the call sign WOR-FM from 1948 to October 1972
  • WWOR-TV, a television station (channel 9) licensed to Secaucus, New Jersey, United States, which used the call sign WOR-TV from 1949 to April 1987
  • Wake-on-Ring, in computer network terminology
  • Worthington Industries' stock ticker symbol
  • Wor, a traditional song and dance genre practiced on Biak
  • Water-to-oil ratio, in oil drilling
  • World Ocean Review Ocean and climate report from 2010

Usage examples of "wor".

It wor a wopper too, To get it aght they all wor fast Which iver way to do.

Tha saw me every day, An' said tha knew noa happiness When aw wor foorced away.

Its for what us poor fowk wor invented,-- But awm blowed if aw think at its reight.

Ee hadden no proper neame like, not like you may remember, but ee wor a gennelman, that ee wor, an fed un out a porcelain.

A proper fine neame it wor, but us never could lay tongue to it by nary means.

An one an all wor pressed to share, Mi sweetheart made noa moor to do.

But awd noa better luck nor befooar, An mi harvest wor sorrow an pain.

An aw swore at mi sweetheart wor true,-- For mi faith knew noa falterin then.

An noa matter ha humble or poor they might be, At his booard they wor welcome to feed.

Ea sto She wor As we se er an dimpgtherm he,wnhaosI dia, wrappky mothher, wAnwnolsesbk rt curlyol me i y mother ha Grave-meal every Saar to tem young minesem young moom apaed.

Oi could git wor whin Oi could shlip out av noights and walk round and swally a brith av fresh air.

An tho' Bessy went short, or had nooan, Shoo wor kinder nor ivver to me.

If he did onny harm it wor done to hissel:-- He wor allus a gooid friend to me.

Soa as knockin wor useless aw started to bray, Till at last one oth pannels began to give way.

But wark wor scarce, an wages low, An mait an drink wor dear, They did ther best to struggle on, As year crept after year.