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a. (alternative spelling of woo woo English)

Woo-Woo (song)

"Woo-Woo" is the B-side of the 78-RPM jazz instrumental single recorded on February 1, 1939 by Harry James and The Boogie Woogie Trio. Shortly after leaving Benny Goodman's band and before starting his own band, James entered the studio at the suggestion of Columbia Records producer John Hammond. James was paired with Pete Johnson ( Boo-Woo) and Albert Ammons (Woo-Woo), the two foremost practitioners of boogie-woogie piano, which was enjoying a substantial revival at the time. They were accompanied by Johnny Williams on bass and Eddie Dougherty on drums.

The record was available as a single on Brunswick Records 8318/B 24061, and it was also released in 1941 as part of a four-record compilation set by Columbia Records (C 44) entitled Boogie Woogie.

Usage examples of "woo-woo".

Actually, the boy's name was Michael Arzu Ramban Rashi, and like Woo-Woo Whitfield, he was a master at what he did.