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n. (plural of wong English)

Usage examples of "wongs".

They've only got a basic hundred surnames in all China and of those there're twenty Yus, eight Yens, ten Wus and God knows how many Pings, Lis, Lees, Chens, Chins, Chings, Wongs and Fus and each one of them you pronounce five different ways so God knows who's who!

Bunks were stacked three high on either side of a narrow aisle where the five Wongs were competing for enough space to pull on their pants.

Wong One was the landlord: older, wiser, and more sophisticated than Wongs Two through Six.

You can have fifty Lis, fifty Changs and four hundred Wongs and not one related to the other.

It was more than a week before Ming found anyone who had heard of any Wongs, despite the popularity of the name in that area.