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WOMP (1290 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format. Licensed to Bellaire, Ohio, USA, it serves the Wheeling area. The station is currently owned by FM Radio Licenses, LLC.

Originally known as WTRF, the station signed on the air for the first time in 1947 on both the AM and FM bands. Fittingly, the call sign stood for "Two Radio Frequencies." If briefly became WTRX then, in 1959, WOMP.

Also the acronym for World Of Mining Professionals, the world's largest electronic newsletter for the mining industry.

Usage examples of "womp".

She would have to ask Uncle Luke if going after womp rats was anything like this.

It turned and accelerated like a terrified womp rat, but it wobbled, unstable in every vector plane.

In this cold galaxy, the commandment of Eat or Be Eaten prevailed, from the throne of Emperor Palpatine all the way down to the smallest carnivore, a Tatooinian womp rat, scuttling across an empty desert.

He felt like a pile of womp rat guano, and the fact that he could do absolutely nothing to avenge his slighted feelings made it all the worse.

Around midday I found the strength to pull a slab of womp rat the length of my arm from the freezer, heat it to blood temperature, and drag it into the shower with me.

After all, Ranats were no relation whatsoever to the nonsentient Tatooine womp rats!

Back and forth they slid above the desert floor like a krayt dragon chasing a womp rat.

Dune Sea, never guessing that he was going hunting womp rats and that if anything went wrong, getting chilled without his poncho was going to be the least of his worries.

Stepping into another battered flight suit, she ran a comb through her wet hair, slicking it back in what Jett had called her drowned womp rat look.

A creature that towered over the Jedi candidates, its massive jaws spread open to reveal a red forked tongue and rows of black teeth that glistened with the greenish ooze of womp rat blood.