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On Ftiday nights he was emitted from the household like a wandering cat, headed for a tavern and, later, the Hotel Delaney over on Western Avenue, only a little better than a flop, with its old woolen carpets wom to the backing over the stairs, and the naphtha scent of some chemical agent used to control the infestation of pests.

She grabs at her hair, gray-flecked and curly, wom in a fashionable shag, and her pretty face takes on the light of curiosity.

Old women set their feet, bom bom bowom wommmm, and just when the echo was starting to come up from below I set my foot down quick, and the echo came wom wom bawom bom bom with a sound of laughter in it.

She was only thirty but she had borne four children and worked down the pit for twenty-three years and she was wom out.

Looking briefly in that direction he recognized Lizzie Hallim, in the same black fur coat she had wom to church.

Seeking me, thy wom feet hasted, On the cross thy soul death tasted, Let not all these toils be wasted.

She rounded the comer from the kitchen, treading carefully on the wom carpet.

Then he noticed the faint creases across the palm, as if a hand had wom this glove, if briefly, and that hand had been tightly clenched.

The girl is provided with long black leather gloves, and the gloves must be wom at all times.

His real name was Fluger, but we called him Plug and his woming Pluggie.