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a. (obsolete spelling of whole English)

Usage examples of "wole".

My younger brother Wole claims that he saw a water sprite bow before the grieving figure of Our Mother.

Right as the humour of malencolie Causeth ful many a man in sleep to crie For feere of blake beres, or boles blake, Or elles blake develes wole hem take.

And we wol, lord, if that ye wole assente, Chese yow a wyf in short tyme atte leeste, Born of the gentilleste and of the meeste Of al this land, so that it oghte seme Honour to God, and yow, as we kan deeme.

Whoso that wole his large volume seke Cleped the Seintes Legende of Cupide, Ther may he seen the large woundes wyde Of Lucresse, and of Babilan Tesbee, The swerd of Dido for the false Enee, The tree of Phillis for hir Demophon, The pleinte of Dianire and Hermyon, Of Adriane and of Isiphilee, The bareyne yle stondynge in the see, The dreynte Leandre for his Erro, The teeris of Eleyne, and eek the wo Of Brixseyde, and of the, Ladomea, The crueltee of the, queene Medea, Thy litel children hangyng by the hals For thy Jason, that was in love so fals.

Visbhume pretended a like uncertainty and was ordered to the ground to run behind the wole until his comprehensions sharpened, and almost at once he was able to render a precise report.