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n. (plural of wog English)

Usage examples of "wogs".

Dem wogs, dey get all black 'n swole up real fast, 'n den dey pops lika grape when yu—"

They'd done the same thing here in Sandoral for material to build earthwork forts, in the last campaign against the wogs a few years ago.

These wogs used their heads for something besides holding their turbans up.

From what he knew of raghead custom, the wogs built this way to keep neighbors from seeing their women.

He'd helped defend the walls of Old Residence against a hundred thousand Brigaderos, twice the number that the wogs had, but this felt worse.

There were more dead wogs outside than he could count, coating the ground in sprays and swaths back toward the enemy works, bobbing in the moat below amid the wreckage of wooden bridging equipment and ladders.

Live ones, too, as the more sensible wogs decided that toiling slowly up a forty-degree slope of crumbling dirt under fire wasn't the way to a long life.

Report back immediately with his reply—and watch out, there may be wogs in these ravines.

A file of wogs was already running up the ladder—it was no steeper than some stairways—toward the roof of the fighting platform overhead.

Two of the militiamen were down, and a pair of wogs he hadn't even noticed stood on the deck.

The militiaman was at his side, but more and more wogs were dropping down to the firing platform, some coming through the observation hatch over the gun.

Colonial officers were hustling the wogs at the foot of the wall into makeshift firing lines, moving them forward in turn.

Ahead of him a thin line of Civil Government troopers—the three companies of the 5th he'd left as the main reserve—were holding against a growing tide of wogs pouring down from their foothold on the wall.

The second the last gun fires—but not before—you give the wogs five rounds rapid.

They'd be firing blind, essentially, except for the directions he'd given—Center had given—although the wogs were displaying a pleasant abundance of lamps and watchfires.