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WOF is an acronym that may refer to:

  • Warrant of Fitness, a compulsory yearly or six-monthly test of motor vehicles in New Zealand.
  • Wheel of Fortune, a US game show
  • Worlds of Fun, a Cedar Fair amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Who's on First, comedy skit
  • Who's on First (novel), a novel
  • Wildlife Outreach Foundation (Non-Profit Education/Conservation Group in the Southeast)
  • Women of Faith, a Christian women's conference organization.
  • WOF (album), by Quiero Club
  • Working Opportunity Fund (managed by GrowthWorks Capital)
  • Wings of Fire , a book series by Tui T. Sutherland
WOF (album)

Wof is Quiero Club's debut album was recorded between 2005 and 2006 and was released in December 2006 by Happy Fi Records and Labes ( EMI Music Mexico). Backstage Drama was the official first single, although No Coke made the band popular since December 2004. The second single was Let Da Music and the third and last single is LatinAmerica. The album has been described by the members of the band as a partying night, beginning with a "Backstage Drama" and ending with the epic "Frogger" that, according to them, would be like watching the sun rise after a massive rave.

Usage examples of "wof".

More sec men grabbed both of Wofs arms and twisted them cruelly behind his back until he was helpless in their grip.

They tried to put shackles on him and by sheer luck, Wof managed to butt one sec man in the stomach with his forehead.

The man doubled over in pain, and the rest of the sec men began to savagely beat Wof with blasters and fists.