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WOD may refer to:

  • Warsash One Design, 27 ft sailing yacht designed by Fred Parker in the 1960s
  • Wodonga railway station, in Victoria, Australia
  • Wolani language
  • Workout of the Day, an integral part of CrossFit
  • World Oceans Day, celebrated 8 June
  • World of Dance, an American media company
  • World of Darkness, fictional settings for supernatural horror-themed role-playing games
  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, the fifth World of Warcraft expansion set

Usage examples of "wod".

Aw hate all meean hard graspin slaves, who mak ther gold ther god,-- For if they could grab all ther is, awm pratty sewer they wod.

Tha wod roor, aw think, if tha dar-- What means ta bi shakin thi heead?

Innocent craytur, soa helpless an waik, Grondad wod give up his life for thy sake, Sleep little beauty, Angels thee keep, Grondad is watchin, Sleep, beauty, sleep.

Shoo wod cook, stew or bake, Wesh and scaar for his sake, An could doctor his ivvery pain.

It wod add a sad lot moor to swell The list ov those lost throo strong Drink.